Wave Tank

Housed in the Jere A. Chase Ocean Engineering Lab’s High Bay, the wave/tow tank is approximately 120' long, 12' wide and 8' deep. It provides a 90' length in which test bodies can be towed, subjected to wave action, or both. Wave creation is possible using a hydraulic flapper-style wave-maker that can produce two-to-five second waves of maximum amplitude approximately 1.5'. Wave absorption is provided by a sawtooth style geo-textile construction that has an average 92% efficiency in the specified frequency range. The wave-maker software allows tank users to develop regular or random seas using a variety of spectra. A user interface, written in LabView, resides on the main control station PC and a wireless LAN network allows for communication between instrumentation and data acquisition systems.

For more information on the Wave Tank, please contact Andy McLeod.

Spectators watching the wave action
Students look on as waves are generated.
Wave Action
Wave action.