R/V Cocheco

The R/V Cocheco is a 34-foot aluminum vessel owned by NOAA and operated by CCOM/JHC. She is designed for towing sidescan and cameras and bottom sampling. She is equipped with an hydraulic A-frame and cable winch capable of lifting 1000 lbs, and has a tow load of 1000 lbs. The hull is a planing hull, driven by an 600 HP Lugger diesel engine and a single propellor.


R/V Cocheco can cruise at 16 knots (consuming approximately 20 gals/hr). She can maneuver down to 3-knots, but is difficult to handle at low speeds in any wind. Her best speed for towing sidescan is 6 knots.


R/V Cocheco has a WAAS GPS feeding to a Hummingbird fish finder which gets its sonar information from a navigational transducer. The GPS information is also fed to Cocheco's AIS transmitter. The vessel is also equipped with a KVH fluxgate compass which feeds heading information to the autopilot. Position, heading, and depth are fed to a navigational computer running Rose Point's Coastal Explorer software. The navigational computer has a daylight-bright display, keyboard, and trackball located at the helm. Additionally, Cocheco is equipped with a Furuno radar with maximum range of 12 nautical miles.

For R/V Cocheco schedule information, please see the vessel's Google Calendar.

For additional information on the R/V Cocheco, please contact Capt. Emily Terry.

R/V Cocheco embarking
R/V Cocheco embarking
A-Frame In Action
Cocheco's A-Frame in action
Capt. Emily Evans at the helm
Capt. Emily Terry at the helm
Cocheco's research lab
R/V Cocheco's research lab

Boat Specifications

Dimensions: 34' (length) x 12' (beam)  x 5'6" (draft)
Flag: U.S.
Lab Space: 8' x 8' (forward lab)
9' x 12' (aft deck)
Max Cruising Speed: 16 knots
Survey Speed: 6 knots
Propulsion: Luger 6-cylinder, turbocharged 600HP Marine Diesel
Auxiliary Propulsion: Northern Lights Marine Diesel Generator, M843JK3
Fuel Capacity: 300 Gallons
GPS: Garmin GPS 17,  WAAS Enabled
Radar: Furuno 1933CBB NavNet
Magnetic compass: Danforth, Corsair II
Fluxgate compass: Simrad RC42 Rate Compass
Autopilot: Simrad/Robertson AP35
VHF Radio: iCOM IC-M504
AIS: Nauticast B
Navigation Software: Nobeltec, Rose Point, Coastal Explorer
Depth Sounder: Hummingbird 727
Differential GPS: Trimble DSM212h
DGPS Antenna: Trimble Antenna 27207
Data Acquisition Software: Hypack (Primary)


Additional Equipment

  • Hydraulic Winch and A-Frame
  • 300 ft. Cable with slip ring
  • 11 ft. Inflatable RIB with 15HP Yamaha Outboard
  • Navigation Computer
  • Data Acquisition Computer
  • Internal Gigabit Network