R/V Coastal Surveyor

The R/V Coastal Surveyor is a purpose-built vessel designed specifically for coastal multibeam hydrography. It is integrated with a robust, motor-driven ram system that provides an ideal mount for a range of multibeam and other sonar systems. The vessel incorporates an active roll stabilization feature to limit vessel motion detrimental to multibeam operations. Built by C&C Technologies (Lafayette, LA) approximately twenty years ago on a fiberglass hull that had been a U.S. Navy launch, she was built specifically for the purpose of collecting multibeam-sonar data, and has a bow ram for mounting sonar transducers without hauling the vessel. C&C operated the Coastal Surveyor for a decade and a half, and then made a gift of her to CCOM/JHC in 2001.

She has become a core tool for CCOM/JHC’s operations and is invaluable to the Center. Thanks to the improved hydraulic stabilizers in 2005, the high-precision of boat offset surveys, and the remarkably stable transducer mount, she remains one of the finest shallow-water survey vessels in the world.

For R/V Coastal Surveyor schedule information, please see the vessel's Google Calendar.

For more information and rates, please contact Capt. Ben Smith.

Ship specifications can be downloaded here.

Coastal Surveyor from the stern
Seen from the stern
Student at the Helm!
Student at the helm!
View of the bow
View of the bow
Running survey lines
Running survey lines
Pier at Coastal Marine Lab
Pier at Coastal Marine Lab
Bow ram mount, lowered
Bow ram mount, deployed

Boat Specifications

Dimensions: 40' (length) x 12' (beam)  x 3.7' (draft)
Flag: U.S.
Registry: U.S. Coastwise and Registry
Official Number: 999206
Tonnage: 16 GRT
11 DWT
Lab Space: 9' x 11'
6' x 10'
Top Speed: 10 knots
Minimum speed for full roll stabilization: 5 knots
Minimum survey speed: 2.5 knots
Propulsion: 1 x Caterpillar 3116; 200HP Marine Diesel; 2.57:1 reduction
Shipboard Power: 12KW Northern Lights Diesel Generator, 240/120v, 60Hz
Power distribution: 38 ea. 115 volt receptacles
2 ea. 230 volt receptacles
1 ea. 12 volt receptacles
7 ea. 24 volt receptacles
Fuel Capacity: 400 Gallons
Potable water: 60 U.S. gallons
Roll stabilization: Niad active fins
GPS: Garmin GPS 17,  WAAS Enabled
Fluxgate compass: Simrad RC42 Rate Compass
Radar: Furuno 1933CCBB NavNet
Autopilot: Simrad AP28
VHF Radio: 2x iCOM IC-M504
AIS: Comar CSB200
Cellular phone: Motorola 5 watt
Speed/Wind Sensor: Brooks and Gatehouse
Data Display: Brooks and Gatehouse Multifunction Display
Navigation Software: Rose Point, Coastal Explorer
Single Beam Transducer: Airmar M192 33/200kHz
RTK GPS Receiver: Trimble 5700
GPS Antennas: 2 x Trimble Zephyr Antennas
Positioning and Attitude Sensor: Applanix PosMV 320 V4 with IMU 200
Data Acquisition Software: Hypack, QINSy


Additional Equipment

  • Electric Anchor Winch
  • Adjustable Bow Ram with Winch and Transducer Mount
  • Navigation Computer
  • Data Acquisition Computer
  • Internal Gigabit Network