CCOM researchers Larry Mayer, Brian Calder, Kevin Jerram, Liz Weidner, and Sam Reed are aboard the I/B Oden where they have joined with other researchers to answer specific scientific questions about the role of outlet glaciers in draining the Greenland Ice Sheet into the ocean. By mapping the area around the Ryder Glacier, they hope to find patterns and causes of historical changes of the glacier—helping us understand how the marine cryosphere is affected by climate change.

Five GEBCO Students pose with in matching shirts with their certificates while GEBCO director Roxy Wigley holds shirt representing absent classmate.

Once again we say farewell and congratulations to the GEBCO class. We had a party but they weren't finished! The class attended the Chart Adequacy Workship in Silver Spring last week, and they will spend this week in Boulder at NOAA's NCEI. They still have cruises and lab visits ahead of them but this is the last time they will be together as a class. We wish them the very best and hope to meet again one day.

Calender showing dates, vessel names, cruise names on background of dark blue waves.

CCOM's 2019 field season is well underway! In addition to all of the work taking place in the lab, at the coast, and in Great Bay, we are participating in at least 15 research cruises that will span the globe fom the Arctic to the Far Pacific. Check out our field season calendar to see where in the world we'll be!

Bow of small launch in water beside glacier.

Larry Mayer, Brian Calder, Kevin Jerram, Ph.D. student Liz Weidner, and recent grad Sam Reed will be heading to the remote Ryder Glacier in northwestern Greenland aboard the I/B Oden as part of a team whose goal is to understand the causes of dynamic changes in the floating parts of glaciers that drain Greenland ice into the sea. 

Group photo of the GEBCO-NF Alumni Team.

A quick video overview of the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE Challenge with some footage of the GEBCO-NF Alumni Team's winning technology.

CCOM/JHC in the News

Kristianstad Bladet
Aug. 7, 2019

On Monday, an expedition with scientists on the icebreaker Oden will set course for the Ryder Glacier in northwestern Greenland. Among other things, the expedition will investigate the link between climate change and glaciers.

Sveriges Radio
Aug. 5, 2019

The Swedish ice breaker Oden is leaving Thule, Greenland to head to the Ryder Glacier's fjord system in northwestern Greenland.

Jul. 16, 2019

The pros and cons of unmanned cargo transport vessels.

Upcoming and Recent Seminars

Brandon Maingot


Tuesday, Jul. 30, 2019, 2:00pm
Elizabeth Mclean, Ph.D.
Environmental Scientist, Research Associate

U.R.I. Marine Affairs Department

Friday, May. 3, 2019, 3:10pm
Britt Raubenheimer
Senior Scientist


Friday, Apr. 26, 2019, 3:10pm

Spotlight on...

CCOM Data Analyst Tomer Ketter sat down the UNH Global News to talk about what he's been up to in the ocean mapping world, along with some memorable moments from his time in the GEBCO program.